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Workspace Management Services

Mobile Workspace Solutions

Mobile Workspace Solutions

In today’s business world it is an increasing an expectation of employees that they will be able to work at any time and from any location. They are accustomed to the ‘instant’ availability of useful applications from ‘Appstores’ in the consumer world, and this is increasing demands on your company’s IT department.

Managed Mobile Workspace is an integrated mobile infrastructure that provides a secure solution implemented and managed by Getronics. It provides organisations with a complete infrastructure from any mobile device to the application server. Your end users benefit from secure access to e-mail, corporate data and applications such as ERP and CRM, while the integrity of your company data is guaranteed. Getronics can ensure that this mobile workspace is tailored to what your organisation requires and take the burden away from your internal IT department.

At the first stage, Getronics will assess your current workspace environment and make recommendations for the short, medium and long term. Getronics can help your IT department meet more of today's employee expectations, (as well as extending your company's business to your customer's mobile environments), by working to make more applications and information available.

Fast and effective response times are important to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. With Managed Mobile Workspace, Getronics enables companies to react quickly and effectively to critical issues and sales opportunities. In this way organisations can enhance their competitiveness, effectiveness and continuity, while benefitting from a lower total cost of ownership.

Managed Mobile Workspace is offered for a fixed fee per user per month.

Key features:

  • Integrated reliable mobile environment
  • Secure access to company data
  • Platform independent: supports Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry and iPhone, Android
  • Cost transparency and lower TCO - fixed price per user per month
  • Assessment, recommendation and the development of mobile applications access
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