We are thrilled to announce that Connectis, the brand representing us in Latin America, has embraced our global identity, and is now operating under the Getronics banner


Six principles to secure your digital workplace
Stephen Homer –
There are so many different areas of security to invest in that the task can almost seem overwhelming. Here are six of the most essential security principles.
Doing more with less – how automation and smart tech can help drive efficiencies
Carlos Alvarez –
Efficiency is becoming the watchword of most business plans over the next year and beyond: whatever capital you do spend should be helping to ensure you run as tight a ship as possible.
Smart technology and your sustainability journey
Carlos Alvarez –
Several trends are driving the emergence of smart buildings: cost savings, safety improvements, a people-centric experience, and the need to get on board the sustainability wagon.
NEC and Getronics announce their self-check-in solution for hotels in Iberia
Aurelien Dur –
This is a revolutionary self-service solution that streamlines the check-in and check-out process with an easy-to-use and automated interface.
Getronics to join forces with Solutions PT
Aurelien Dur –
The collaboration will enable both organisations to better address industry needs for increased automation, efficiency, and digital transformation.
The post-pandemic office: How to attract your staff back
Carlos Alvarez –
By implementing new workplace guidance and utilising new smart technologies where appropriate, businesses can invite their staff back to the office safely and responsibly. 
The RoI of Smart Spaces
Carlos Alvarez –
How implementing smart technologies into your building can boost efficiency, lower costs and elevate user experience.
Getronics Iberia partners with Pagero
Aurelien Dur –
This strategic partnership will enable our customers in Iberia to deliver digital transformation to their finance departments.
Is there room for Field Services in the digital workplace?
Herbert Beuling –
With chatbots and proactive tooling in place, there’s less reliance on on-site services. Nevertheless, person-to-person support, in its various formats, is still a great contributor to employee experience.
A Blockchain-as-a-Service solution: introducing AQQUM
Aurelien Dur –
AQQUM’s objective is to provide clients with a framework for the deployment, execution, and management of secured Blockchain applications.