Whitepaper: What is a smart building?

Smart components and what makes your building smart

Across numerous industries, smart buildings are being talked about as the next big thing in the world of work. It’s expected that smart buildings could reduce energy consumption, deliver new insights, and boost productivity… but what exactly is a smart building?

While definitions vary, a smart building is often related to the ability to generate data and insights – about the building and how it is used. This is primarily through the incorporation of digital advances like the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and other technologies within building management systems (BMS) to transform data into insights. But is this enough? And what are the benefits of making a building smart? Read more about it in our whitepaper.

Summary of contents

  • What is driving the rise of smart buildings?
  • Benefits of transforming your real estate
  • The focus on sustainability when it comes to smart
  • What components make a smart building… smart?
  • The importance of integrating these components in a single pane of glass
What is a Smart Building?

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