Transforming MEZ Group digital fabric

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A new cloud computing solution has transformed MEZ Group operations. Replacing outdated software and systems with a new integrated cloud platform has optimised operations and supercharged security. The cloud has changed MEZ’s digital fabric, providing a foundation for business growth.

Transforming MEZ Group digital fabric with a new integrated cloud platform

Outdated systems

MEZ Group has customers worldwide for its high-quality yarns and craft accessories. The business had enjoyed substantial online growth but struggled with old technology and software. Limitations caused by legacy platforms meant the company found itself unable to deal with rapidly changing customer demands. More worryingly, such systems weren’t secure, leaving the business at risk of attack.

Business leaders understood the critical importance of digital infrastructure to expansion. While customer data always remained protected, the MEZ Group leadership team was aware of emerging threats and wanted to increase protection for the future. The solution was a shift from legacy systems to an integrated cloud solution.

Migrating to the cloud

The project began by analysing MEZ Group requirements, strategy, and existing software and hardware to identify a suitable solution. Working with the in-house digital team, we defined deliverables and developed a digital road map. Microsoft Azure was agreed upon as the most suitable cloud platform for security and scalability.

“Our previous, on-premise infrastructure was very inflexible. Due to the seasonal nature of the fashion industry, the ability to scale up or down to meet rapidly changing demand was crucial to our success. Therefore, the additional flexibility provided by the Azure cloud platform is a huge benefit.”

Claudia, Gebhart – Head of IT, MEZ Group

MEZ Group transitioned to a consumption-based pricing plan, where the business only pays for the services and capacity used. This has delivered tremendous cost savings while providing greater transparency and predictability. As a result, the business has experienced cost savings of 50% – which is having a significant impact on the business’s profitability in an increasingly challenging market.

Tailor-made Solutions: IT-as-a-Service

Cloud solutions enable the customisation of services and software for each user. MEZ Group now uses a persona-based consumption model, where staff has access to the software they need to perform their roles. This IT-as-a-service approach has considerably impacted cutting operating costs and increased security.

Light users, for example, may only have access to basic licenses and small amounts of support. Standard users may have their own computers and access to a much wider range of software.

Introducing a persona-based IT-as-a-Service model enables MEZ Group to make the most efficient use of resources. Licenses are only produced and paid for those staff that need them. In the first three months alone, this helped the business to cut licensing costs by 20%.

Operating an IT-as-a-service model gives the MEZ Group total control over which users have access to software, systems, and data. In addition, tiered access provides peace of mind and protection for all customer data, ensuring only those who need access to it have it.

Building a secure system

MEZ Groups machines, software, and systems have all been updated. Advanced endpoint protection, device monitoring, and patch management provide confidence that systems remain secure.

To support the roll-out of the cloud, clear governance rules were developed to limit access to sensitive data. The business benefits from more robust data reporting and compliance standards. These add extra levels of protection for information, systems, and staff.

Leaders can be confident that they have the highest protection from digital dangers and online threats.

Redesigning the digital fabric of a business​

Digital transformation is an ongoing process – and we’re proud to partner with MEZ Group for the long term. Together, we have completely redesigned the digital fabric of the business, providing a secure foundation for growth. As well as supercharging security, our digital solutions deliver significant savings – giving MEZ Group the confidence to invest for the future.

“Working in partnership with Getronics, we have reshaped the company’s IT services, accessing new benefits around cost, security, and efficiency. Now, we have confidence that our entire business is ready for the journey ahead.”

Claudia, Gebhart – Head of IT, MEZ Group