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Getronics ensures a complete Quality Assurance system for your products, services, and solutions, through rigorous planning and control of processes and their outcomes. We invite you to talk to us and explore how we can apply Quality Assurance to benefit your business.

The importance of Quality Assurance

The agility of your business relies heavily on the applications used to execute tasks and accelerate processes, not only in terms of their functionality but also their usability, interoperability with other systems and applications, and performance. All of these are critical elements in the QA process.

Embedding Quality Assurance in the software development process is critical. Only in this way, it will be possible to incorporate continuous improvement of quality processes while delivering state-of-the-art applications, in time, within scope, within budget, and in line with the customer needs. 

We focus on detecting defects as soon as they appear to address them quickly and correct them before the software is released. We have a standard process with a vision of seeking excellence and delivering value:  

  • Understand the requirements
  • Design the test cases
  • Determine what is automated and what is not
  • Plan the necessary cycles to satisfy quality and value
  • Execute, measure results, learn, and improve 
  • Introduce software improvements and iterate

With this, we capitalise on our practices and expertise, from the early stages of gathering requirements and user stories to the end-user experience.

What our customers say

“Trust in the Telefónica Móviles Argentina-Getronics alliance translates into sustainable growth for our businesses, and this is only possible because Getronics takes our challenges as its own”

Ramiro Medrano
Head of Quality Assurance
Telefónica Móviles Argentina


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Years Of Experience

What makes us unique?

Blending agile approaches with waterfall methods is our preferred standard. UX testing is applied early in the development process, in line with our focus on the digital experience.

Increased automation allows us to meet the growing demands for digital transformation testing and reuse. Successfully combining agile development, DevOps, and Bimodal Methodologies is a constant challenge in the value chain for QA.

At Getronics, we ensure a complete quality management system for your products and services under rigorous planning and control of processes and outcomes.

We have been providing this service in the market for more than 10 years, combining methodologies, tools, certifications, and human capital.

Only together we can reimagine the digital future. Testing planning is proactive and anticipated, preventing it from becoming a bottleneck. For QA activities, we adjust our strategy to the reality of each product and the customer’s organisational culture.

Today we are a team of 300+ experts applying these practices.

Testing Management Office (TMO)

It plays a crucial role in ensuring adherence to our clients’ testing quality policies and strategies. By establishing a robust framework and governance structure, the TMO ensures that all testing activities align with industry standards, regulatory requirements, and our clients’ specific needs.

Code Inspection

Apart from playing a pivotal role in our development process, it serves as a proactive measure to identify and address defects early on. We firmly believe that the later a defect is discovered, the costlier it becomes to rectify. Therefore, our methodology incorporates a robust quality assurance approach right from the initiation of the development process.

Testing Factory

With expertise in functional and technical testing, performance testing, and automation, we ensure that every aspect of the software is thoroughly evaluated. Our dedicated team diligently verifies that the software aligns with the expectations and requirements of the business, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of quality.

Automation - RPA

By implementing automated testing techniques (Robotic Process Automation), we eliminate the need for manual intervention in repetitive and time-consuming testing processes. This allows us to achieve faster test execution, increased accuracy, and improved efficiency in delivering high-quality software solutions.

Performance Testing

It not only validates compliance with requirements but also identifies bottlenecks, response times, and other performance metrics to optimize system performance and ensure a seamless user experience. Through comprehensive performance testing, we gain valuable insights to enhance system efficiency, scalability, and overall performance.

Automation testing:
the benefits of QA in software

As digital businesses give more importance to quality in software and meeting release deadlines, automation technologies applied to the final stages of testing and quality assurance (QA) gain relevance.

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