We are thrilled to announce that Connectis, the brand representing us in Latin America, has embraced our global identity, and is now operating under the Getronics banner

Designing & delivering your transformation journey


Helping customers navigate through the complex process of business transformation by providing a full range of solutions through the entire lifecycle of transformation and change, from definition to inception, through delivery to transition to business as usual.

Why Consulting Services?

Enabling clients to make better business decisions that are aligned to their strategic objectives and get better ROI on their investments in people, processes, and technology.

We start by gaining a rapid understanding of the business, its current state, and future needs. 

Then, it’s a question of ensuring alignment of IT strategy to strategic business objectives, making sure we harness the potential of new and existing technology.

We can make recommendations for change, plan the roadmap required to redefine your business and then manage transformation from start to finish.


Assess and understand business challenges to harmonise customers business ambitions and technology


Business solutions to enable customers to reach their goals, drive outcomes, and evolve their business


Managed services to ensure high performance at the pace of customers’ business growth

IT as an engine of growth

The demands we make of technology today are not what they were just a few years ago. The IT department is no longer in the business of simply managing hardware or software. Instead, it delivers the services that enable the organisation to reach its mission, to be more agile, to respond on demand and to control costs.

The current expectation is that IT will not be a cost centre but will be the engine of growth, driving an organisation-wide transformation agenda by delivering higher levels of efficiency, agility, and cost management.

With the right support, your IT can implement beneficial and lasting change. Businesses that embrace technology and use it as a differentiator see increased productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.


What makes us unique?

Our key strength is to support company boards to design the road map for change and ‘architect’ the step change required to achieve it. We make effective and timely decisions throughout delivery, ensuring successful outcomes at pace. We do this by:

  • Aligning business-digital-technology strategy to design the transformation roadmaps
  • Focusing on enhancing and building business capabilities enabled by technology including delivering:
  • Business efficient & regulatory compliant automated processes
  • Shaping business and IT operating models to – establish insourced and outsourced capabilities as required
  • Modernising underlying technology, business applications and processes, leveraging cloud where appropriate to drive benefit and operational improvement
  • Transforming data into an asset to drive informed decision support and analytics

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