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Leading Member of the Global Workspace Alliance

Getronics is the founding and leading member of the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA), a unique consortium model established in 2009 that provides customers with consistent global IT services across +100 countries, with one single point of contact, contract and billing entity.

Our mission is to support global companies as they transition toward an increasingly mobile, connected, and secure global workspace environment, enabling them to achieve their objectives by empowering satisfied and efficient employees.

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Think Global. Act Local.

The GWA’s global reach blends well with the local expertise and culture of its partners and allows the organisation to position itself with a flexible and transparent alliance model.

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Operations in over 185 countries


Over 15,000 Engineers


Supporting 300,000 end users

While GWA is very unique, it offers a credible way to provide Field and On-Site Services on a global level, based on a flexible, network driven ecosystem.

Despite the rise of cloud services and technology automation, GWA recognizes that the outsourcing market still requires some high-touch capabilities that only local service engineers can provide.

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We’ve been working with the GWA members Getronics, in Singapore and Malaysia and with SPIE in France, for several years now.

We are always satisfied with their ability to work as a single entity as we are running global IT operations located in Europe, the Middle East and APAC, and the IT services have been aligned across the regions and delivered consistently at the expected level of quality.

We look forward to continuing working with GWA and taking on the new challenges of INSEAD’s IT for the benefit of our organization, students and prospects.

Alexandre Papadopoulos

Head of IT Operations & Infrastructure, INSEAD

Best-in-class Technology Partners

We leverage our industry knowledge and leadership in technology, solution development and integration to align our partners’ innovations with our Customers’ specific business needs.

Over the years of business and across all the territories where we do business, we have built strong partnerships with the finest hardware and software vendors to create the best-in-class solutions.

Ensuring that we always are at the forefront of the latest developments and thus optimizing quality and improving customer satisfaction. 


Technology Partners

Gold Certified partners, we are also a global service provider for Dell. We have hundreds of trained Dell engineers, delivering maintenance, warranty and life cycle services to Dell customers worldwide.

Appointed as “First Choice Partner” in 2019.

Gold Certified in numerous competencies, we have been partners for over 30 years.

Our certified engineers have built businesses around Microsoft technologies.

We are also Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) in multiple countries.

Partners for over 20 years in several countries.

Due to our expertise in Cisco specializations, we have achieved the highest level of Cisco Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence for 8 consecutive years.