GetBooking, our reservation tool for offices

GetBooking is our facility booking tool to book desks, parking lots, lockers, or meeting rooms. Get the most out of your building spaces while supporting the new hybrid work model.

The must digital tool to manage your building’s spaces

One of the property owners’ main challenges is the efficient use of the space. This includes the enablement of the new hybrid working models, allowing employees to work from anywhere and at any time, but also rethinking the spaces of the former offices, that now are not used by a single person anymore, but multiple people during the working week. A smaller and smarter space can now be the base camp of a bigger workforce.

To facilitate these brand-new processes, employees must have access to a digital tool to easily book, use spaces, and plan their work week in the most efficient way. Facility managers will benefit from using the tools data, to understand how spaces are used, and drive decision-making. GetBooking will help in this challenge. It is our facility booking tool to book desks, parking lots, lockers, or meeting rooms. See below how it works. 

At-a-glance floor plan views to locate available spaces

Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar integration

Presence sensors and face recognition integration

Enabling Energy Efficiency: ligthting and HVAC systems integration


A better, more efficient way to manage spaces: 


Choose the best GetBooking package

Integrate GetBooking according to your needs:

The Starter package enables facility managers to define:

  • The desk, parking lot, and offices to be booked.
  • What users or groups of users could book any facility.
  • What are the rules to do it (schedules, duration…)

The employees will be able to book, extend or cancel a desk, parking lot, or office using a web interface.

The Premium package has the Starter version’s functionalities, but also the following add-ons:

  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Google Calendar integration

When employees are going to use these apps to organize a meeting, the add-on enables them to import from the GetBooking the available building’s meeting rooms.

The Enterprise package has the Starter and Premium versions’ functionalities, but also the following add-ons:

  • Presence sensors to detect if desks or meeting rooms are really occupied.
  • Face recognition identification to verify who is entering the building and who is using the different desks and meeting rooms.
  • Cleaning Services integration. The tool can send data about reservation schedules to the cleaning staff.
  • Integration with the customer systems.
  • Energy Efficiency add-on, to be able to trigger lighting and HVAC automatic actions based in the booking information managed by GetBooking.

Do you want to improve the management of your building?

Contact us and one of our experts will contact you to discuss the best way to implement GetBooking. Don’t hesitate, it’s time to join the digital future!

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