A secure-by-design approach to multi-cloud governance

Alexis Garin

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One of the major challenges of the 21st century is cybersecurity. Contrary to popular belief, IT security is not just for large organisations performing financial transactions. Any institution can be the victim of a cyberattack, from governments to businesses, NGOs, or even individuals. Threats, which can be internal or external, are constant to computer systems and can attack infrastructure as well as user applications.

Alexis Garin at Cloud Week speaking about the Getronics’ secure-by-design approach

Mid-size companies often think that they are too insignificant in a market or even that the industry they operate is not attractive enough to be the subject of a malicious act. We often hear organisation leaders saying, “we’ll take action soon. It’s not the priority right now.” However, it is often too late when an attack occurs, and the damage can sometimes be considerable.

The secure-by-design approach

As the saying goes: “prevention is better than the cure.” Protecting oneself from these hazards rather than enduring them is what the Secure-by-Design approach adopted by Getronics allows.

It is a way of conceiving IT to integrate security natively. In other words, all aspects related to the information systems – teams, processes, operations – are approached and treated under the prism of security.

So, rather than adding an extra layer to your IT systems in order to protect them, the Secure-by-Design approach incorporates security from conception, becoming a component within your IT governance. This allows 360° coverage of the information systems, drastically reducing the risks.

What’s more, you optimise your costs because it is much less expensive to resolve a security problem at the source. Computer system vulnerabilities are easy to understand and fix when caught early on. Therefore, the vulnerability of your data and installations is no longer a concern since protection is an integral part of your architecture.

Benefits for Cloud Services

In practice, what does this Secure-by-Design approach bring to cloud services? Whether for private, public, or hybrid cloud services, that means the solution you choose is complete and secure.

No need to resort to another service provider. The cloud solution as it’s designed is an end-to-end solution.

By turning to Getronics, organisations not only benefit from a cloud service and its well-known benefits but from one of the best security systems available on the market.

Manage your cloud using a unique and comprehensive framework

The framework developed by Getronics follows industry standards, such as NIST and CIS, and is constantly audited to ensure it remains up to date against all potential threats. Getronics’ careful approach to designing its solutions ensures that they are aligned with the strictest certifications and meet the highest security standards.

Getronics’ service offerings help organisations transform securely. Having an integrated multi-cloud approach is crucial for any business that wants to stay competitive. The know-how and expertise of Getronics solutions allow us to offer premium cloud services, all secure-by-design.

In short, if you want to avoid any security vulnerabilities, as well as all the unpleasant consequences that go with them, consider the Getronics secure-by-design approach applied at the core of your multi-cloud governance.

Alexis Garin at Cloud Week 2021