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We are constantly hearing about high profile cyber-attacks in the media. A successful attack can range from a temporary inconvenience, to a severe impact to your business, extending to a national or international, catastrophe.

Organisations which fail to prepare by investing in a security strategy are left exposed to attack, the extent of which will depend on the intent, resources and capability of protagonists.

Getronics Security Operations Centre (GSOC) can help protect organisations against this evolving cyber threat. The GSOC has been designed to monitor, assess and react to attacks on your network, applications, web servers and any device connected to it. Our systems and staff understand the pattern of attacks, from the initial reconnaissance through to the exploitation. We provide the trained analysts and tools to achieve insight into adversaries, capability, infrastructure and victim profiles and focus efforts on the threats most relevant to your business context. The Protective Monitoring Service, one of our GSOC’s key services, benefits from threat intelligence gathered from our key suppliers, National Cyber Security organisations, public sources and closed communities.


  • Compliancy and Certifications. Our services are fully certified to ISO27001:2013 and are subject to a programme of internal and external audits and capability review programmes to ensure they continue to meet and improve on the requirements mandated.
  • Convenience. Outsourcing protective monitoring to Getronics reduces the strain on your internal resources and removes the need for you to build and maintain a whole Security Operations Centre within your enterprise.
  • Expertise. With our expertise in security operations and skilled staff, we can provide a cost effective dynamic security service for your business, delivered fast.
  • Global Scale. Thanks to our Global Service Centres and the Global Workspace Alliance, of which Getronics is a leading member, we can provide services in over 100 countries, ensuring 24/7 support services.
  • A complete portfolio. We offer a range of services which can be tailored on a standalone basis or integrated with the Protective Monitoring Service.

The GSOC is a fully functioning Services Solution and is built on years of experience that Getronics has gained from providing customers with tried and tested cloud-based workspace and security solutions.


The Getronics Security Operations Centre can benefit your business by delivering:

  • An integral and secure IT environment
  • 24/7 Protective Monitoring
  • Full end-to-end and real-time situational awareness from endpoints, core and to the perimeter
  • Multi-sourced threat intelligence, which provides accurate context to your estate, allowing faster response and ensuring the first action is the right action
  • A collaborative approach to ensure requirements are understood and delivered from the design, right through to the operational delivery


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