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Getronics recognises that for most businesses the management of business  ICT-infrastructure must balance the need for availability, flexibility and security against  the need for keeping the cost of ownership as effective as possible, in order for your business to continue to grow and invest.

Brief description

Remote Infrastructure Management supplied by Getronics as part of an overall integrated support process, assures organisations of effective and secure distance management of their infrastructure, including – server, storage and networks as well as the Workspace components themselves, for instance Mobile smart devices and desktops/laptops and the applications upon which we all rely,  irrespective of the location.

Cost efficiency comes from Getronics’ ability to supply this management in a consistent fashion across multiple businesses, thus leveraging our investment in systems, tools and personnel. Add this to our ITil V3 processes and our Global Service centres and Getronics supply a support eco-system upon which businesses can rely – allowing ever more focus on the “Business” rather than on IT.

Getronics have invested significantly in building 24×7 global management centres and we can provide a consistent, cost effective and flexible service which is difficult and expensive for individual businesses to replicate.
Remote management is usually the invisible support layer which watches capacity and thresholds, silently watching equipment, circuits and applications availability, collecting and recording information upon which Getronics can determine the overall health of the systems – leading to advice and action to prevent issues from becoming evident to the business.

Arguably the most important tool Getronics deploys is one which allows the overall health of the end to end “system” to be monitored instantly pin-pointing areas of restriction or failure – even where Getronics may not have direct responsibility for elements affected.

It’s this tool that allows Getronics to manage the entirety of an ICT system and other third party suppliers on behalf of and in partnership with your business.


  • System wide management – across both Getronics direct and 3rd Party suppliers
  • Availability & Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Networks, Voice, Contact Centre, storage, server , desk/laptop and Mobile device management
  • Fully integrated with Getronics Service desk toolsets
  • Fully managed within an ITIL V3 environment
  • Security Management
  • 24X7x365 service
  • Global or Local coverage as required
  • Fully certified to all appropriate standards

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