Business Challenges

Through our work with customers over the years, Getronics has defined four business requirements where cloud computing can deliver return on investment:

1. Business transformation:

Organisations need reassurance that their IT infrastructure can adapt and flex quickly to evolving business needs. Important factors here include the ability to add or reduce capacity on demand, as well as allowing open standards to support speedy integration with other IT systems.

Getronics’ customers have access to a team of experienced consultants to support them as they organise and transition towards new cloud systems.

2. Risk management:

Protecting corporate reputation and intellectual property remains a key concern for businesses today. IT needs to work towards – not against – companies meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. The benefits of moving towards a cloud environment are pitted against a backdrop of increasingly complex data security and governance pressures, making the transition towards the cloud a challenging one for many organisations.

Getronics Managed Cloud Services have been developed to meet the corporate governance and compliance needs of the modern European enterprise. We ensure data location, seamless recovery from any infrastructure failures and employ a platform availability SLA of 99.9% per month.

3. Cost control:

IT continues to play a fundamental role in ensuring the business runs on efficient systems and that operations are as streamlined as possible. Cloud computing can provide organisations with the tools they need to understand IT costs in a manageable way, so you’re able to match the expenditure to the areas where your business will see maximum ROI.

Our Managed Cloud Services offer customers defined costs, either on fixed or pay as you go models. There are no capital set up costs and we remove the capital cost rigidity from IT.

4. Business agility:

Organisations today are competing and differentiating IT. Smart and flexible technologies are allowing companies to overtake their competition and ready themselves for their next phase of growth. Thanks to Getronics‘ heritage in managed services, we can add complete new IT services to customers and employees in minutes – helping businesses to transition or transform how they deliver services through IT quickly. Our capacity on demand model facilitates close collaboration between developers and operations, meaning surges in demand can be met with no slowdown.

Many organisations today are seeking to reduce the financial and administrative burdens of running their own datacentres, so IT can focus on driving innovation. Getronics Managed Cloud Services support hybrid hosted and onsite services in either Getronics own or in specified third party datacentres. Your choice will be influenced by your own governance policies and also by local regulation and compliance requirements.

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