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The Getronics Hospitality team, based in the UK, provides communications and infrastructure solutions to luxury hotels across Europe with a primary focus on four and five star properties.NEC sits at the core of the Getronics’ Hospitality team following acquisition of their Unified Communications businessin 2013. Getronics remains NEC’s only Platinum partner in the UK and is a member of their Smart Hospitality Program. We work with some of the most prestigious and internationally recognisable establishments where we contribute to the overall guest experience by delivering a range of expert services and solutions. These range from highly available voice  platforms to industry leading mobility and messaging solutions, all tightly integrated with PMS systems and delivered by our specialist hospitality project team, along with round-the-clock support and monitoring services



  • Selecting the right technologies and technology partners. With over thirty years’ experience in delivering ICT solutions to the high-end hospitality market, we have learned to select the right mix of technology partners to deliver services into environments that demand the very highest standards
  • PMS Integration. Connected Guests’ iCharge solution provides integration with any PMS system that supports an external connection. It can interconnect all front & back office applications in a single hotel or across a multi-property configurations with centralised PMS.
  • Expertise. With our expertise in digital transformation, integration and support of your services is seamless, with minimal guest disruption.
  • Global Scale. Thanks to our Global Service Centres and the Global Workspace Alliance, of which Getronics is a leading member, we can provide services in over 100 countries, ensuring 24/7 support services.
  • A complete portfolio. From managed internet access via WIFI management gateway, reliable voice services, comprehensive wireless and mobility solutions to stylish guest room phones.



We have many high profile hospitality customers that rely on the expertise of the Getronics team and our technology partners to help guests stay connected and improve their overall experience. Whether you are considering upgrading your legacy systems, or taking a phased approach to transforming or modernising your solutions, we can help you to:

  • Deploy highly available services at minimal cost and causing minimal guest disruption
  • Help Staff to become more efficient with service optimization tools
  • Enrich the guest experience with technology solutions such as in-room automation, media streaming and reliable fast internet services
  • Improve room occupancy through improved services, legitimise increased room rates (for the same reason)
  • Reduce costs such a carrier services
  • Improve customer interactions through centralised multimedia contact centres –reservation/enquiry lines.
  • Complete projects in-step with building works and with an aspiration to be “invisible” to guests while working on-site

Please download our Hospitality Services brochure, read The Peninsula Case study, see our Hospitality Survey Infographic or contact one of our experienced team for more information on improving your guest experience.


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