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AQQUM: Blockchain as a Service

Only a smooth adoption of Blockchain will help you deliver real value to your business. At Getronics, we will guide you in this process.

What is AQQUM?

Blockchain is often seen as one of the most disruptive technologies available, and at the same time, the one which has delivered the least.

Getronics looks to turn around this conversation by developing AQQUM, a blockchain as a service solution fully hosted on our European datacentres.

With AQQUM, we provide businesses with easy access into the world of blockchain and its benefits: improved processes through automation, secured traceability, increased efficiencies, and new sources of revenue.


What makes us unique

We know you have plenty of choices in this market. Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to speak with us:

We offer much lower costs in comparison with other blockchain ecosystems, allowing predictability of operational costs. We also provide you with flexible billing methods to suit your needs (monthly fee, pay per transaction, etc.).

Unlike common blockchain technologies, we can fulfil a Service Level Agreement: 3-second transaction validation and +600tx per second.

Our suite of blockchain solutions supports building up your business solution rapidly and affordably, from a traceability system to a digital community.

AQQUM’s infrastructure is hosted in Getronics’ Datacentres within the EU and complies with the European regulatory, legal, and security frameworks.

We can build your private network interconnected to other sectorial or public nets, enabling higher automation.

600 Tx

Per Second

3 Sec

Process Time SLA



Food chain safety for Hospitality

Sfere Health Management System (HMS) uses blockchain to create catering orders detailing medical dietary and nutritional directions for the patient’s treatment. Catering providers use this input to manufacture meals securely and label each product with a code that allows a safe delivery to patients. The complete process is registered in blockchain to create proof-of-manufacturing, proof-of-order, and proof-of-delivery to prevent mishandling risk among all parties involved: from food providers to hospital employees while allowing service audit. By using blockchain, we are improving safety in the food chain – and at a lower cost.

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As the whole world begins to adopt new solutions to a series of new scenarios, Getronics’ Smart Spaces can offer a suite of technologies that can help managing our lives in the age of the new normal.

Solution Development

Solution and Smart Contract development. Application life cycle fully covered, based on key technologies and standards.

Consulting Services

Get the best value by adapting the operations of the blockchain solution to your organisation’s business needs. Services include: security analysis, quality assurance for Smart Contracts, and Blockchain infrastructure.

Training Services

On onboarding, our experts will deliver workshop sessions for Smart Contract Development and deployment, blockchain installation, and management.

Blockchain Infrastructure

We leverage our own platform to provide Blockchain as a Service infrastructure – this means you are fully isolated from the complexity of adopting blockchain technology.

Blockchain Business Solutions

Customers have full access to blockchain-based partner products for Blockchain Stamper and Lorena platform, without coming across additional complexities or technology risks.

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Let’s discover together the potential of Blockchain for your business.