Whitepaper: Public, private or a mix of both?

Advantages and limitations for the different types of cloud

Cirrus. Nimbus. Stratocumulus. Anyone who’s ever looked upwards knows there’s more than one type of cloud in the sky. And the same’s true for clouds here on Earth—in server rooms, data centres, and colo facilities across the world. 

With the different options in the market, companies are discovering their ideal cloud computing solution can’t be described with a single word—and are seeking a partner that understands them all.

So the goal of this guide isn’t to recommend public, private, hybrid, or any one-size-fits-all solution. (And no guide should!) The goal is to help you understand what each of these clouds bring to the table:  their benefits and limitations to support you in finding the one that matches your needs. 

Summary of the contents

  • The difference between private, public, hybrid and multi clouds
  • Common myths around the different clouds
  • The advantages and limitations for each type of cloud
  • Use cases and successful applications to help your selection
  • Possible next steps in your cloud journey

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