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A successful operating model on cloud determines the ability of a business to reap the benefits of the cloud over an extended period of time. Our VMWare CLOUD VERFIED design across our 7 data centers focuses on platform-led, automation-first delivery, providing predictable outcomes and enforcing proactive governance and compliance, thus, simplifying the day-to-day management of Cloud environments.


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In Getronics ICE, we empower you to digitally transform your business 10X faster and with a much lower TCO utilizing a highly scalable, secure and agnostic platform. Some of our key service offerings to empower you to embark on a plartorm-led, automation-first delivery model as below:

Enterprise VDC || Self-service Cloud

Getronics Enterprise VDC aka Self-Service Cloud forms a pivotal part of the Getronics Cloud IaaS portfolio of services. It offers our customers Infrastructure as a service that is fully customer self-service and is ideally suited to those customers looking for complete control of their virtual machines with the commercial flexibility of Infrastructure as a Service

Enterprise VDC || Managed Cloud

Getronics Enterprise IaaS aka Managed Cloud is a fully managed Infrastructure service ideally suited to those customer workloads requiring metric-driven reporting and governance. Managed cloud is deployed and managed by Getronics and enables building of infrastructure environments to run varied workloads and applications on several different Operating Systems

Assessment and migration services

Getronics Assessment Services enables actionable insights to your on-premise workloads, identifying the easy-wins in terms of migrating to cloud. Our Migration Services facilitates in seamless movement of workloads to cloud in defined phases to ensure a risk-free transformation. Our migration approach is based on the 5Rs strategy of REHOST, REFACTOR, REARCHITECT, REBUILD and REPLACE.

Dedicated IaaS || Isolated IaaS

Getronics Dedicated IaaS provides you the necessary isolation for your workloads through a dedicated tenancy  per customer. For hardware isolation, Getronics can provide dedicated compute, or dedicated storage as standard building blocks in order to meet specific customer requirements

Data-center managed services

Our data center managed services allow seamless management of workloads that currently exist in your data center while experiencing all the benefits of Platform-led, Automation first delivery with predictable outcomes, governance and compliance