Smart technology and your sustainability journey
Carlos Alvarez –
Several trends are driving the emergence of smart buildings: cost savings, safety improvements, a people-centric experience, and the need to get on board the sustainability wagon.
NEC and Getronics announce their self-check-in solution for hotels in Iberia
Aurelien Dur –
This is a revolutionary self-service solution that streamlines the check-in and check-out process with an easy-to-use and automated interface.
Getronics to join forces with Solutions PT
Aurelien Dur –
The collaboration will enable both organisations to better address industry needs for increased automation, efficiency, and digital transformation.
The post-pandemic office: How to attract your staff back
Carlos Alvarez –
By implementing new workplace guidance and utilising new smart technologies where appropriate, businesses can invite their staff back to the office safely and responsibly. 
The RoI of Smart Spaces
Carlos Alvarez –
How implementing smart technologies into your building can boost efficiency, lower costs and elevate user experience.
Getronics Iberia partners with Pagero
Aurelien Dur –
This strategic partnership will enable our customers in Iberia to deliver digital transformation to their finance departments.
Is there room for Field Services in the digital workplace?
Herbert Beuling –
With chatbots and proactive tooling in place, there’s less reliance on on-site services. Nevertheless, person-to-person support, in its various formats, is still a great contributor to employee experience.
A Blockchain-as-a-Service solution: introducing AQQUM
Aurelien Dur –
AQQUM’s objective is to provide clients with a framework for the deployment, execution, and management of secured Blockchain applications.
Now is the time to re-imagine the workplace
Carlos Alvarez –
Integrated smart technology will make our workplaces safer, more comfortable, and more productive than ever before.
Getronics and IFS to extend their partnership
Aurelien Dur –
The collaboration is focused on the manufacturing solutions, ship-building, construction, energy, and services markets.