We are thrilled to announce that Connectis, the brand representing us in Latin America, has embraced our global identity, and is now operating under the Getronics banner


‘GetJoin’: new internship program lands at Getronics
Salvatore Baglieri –
Our interns will get a taste of professional life, allowing them to get ahead in their careers before even leaving college or university.
Windows 11 is here: what’s in it for you?
Stephen Homer –
Let’s not forget the everyday experience of the average worker is a lot closer to home: their PC or laptop. And if their local operating system isn’t functioning smoothly, even the greatest cloud service won’t achieve much.
Making the frontline worker part of your digital workplace strategy
Stephen Homer –
It’s possible to empower frontline workers with the modern tools required so that businesses can improve the customer and employee experience.
Key rules and guidance you need in your remote working policy
Phil Spencer –
While we transition to a hybrid way of working (a few days in the office, a few days at home), this information might come in handy as you start to build your new remote working policy.
Smooth operations: maximising cloud value
Richard Morris –
Our philosophy isn’t to build, leave, and wait for your next project. It’s to “run the program”: start everything up, watch it working, and see where it could be improved further.
How to get your IT and OT systems talking
Martin Gaines –
A few thoughts on getting you started on bringing your IT and OT systems together to drive real business benefits from the results.
The top five cyber security frameworks
Phil Spencer –
Cyber security frameworks provide an excellent basis for building your cyber strategy and increasing your security maturity. Here are our recommendations for five of the best frameworks to get started with.
Three ways to keep your remote workers secure outside “the castle walls” 
Phil Spencer –
With your staff working outside the office, here are some of the biggest threats facing your remote workforce, and how to counter them.
The journey to cloud
Richard Morris –
Moving to the cloud isn’t a switchover. It’s a journey. And unless you plan that journey correctly, you risk driving a thousand miles in the wrong direction.
The return to campus: smart spaces at the service of the new normal
Carlos Alvarez –
Campus managers and their maintenance teams face a huge challenge and, while technology will help them find some solutions, it won’t avoid the headache of figuring out what the best decisions are.