We are thrilled to announce that Connectis, the brand representing us in Latin America, has embraced our global identity, and is now operating under the Getronics banner

Getronics joins a program in Spain for the stable recruitment of young people

Location: Madrid
Date: 2 July, 2022

Aurelien Dur

Global Communications Manager

At Getronics, we continue to focus on talent, including junior talent. In the framework of GetJoin, our internship program for talented young minds, we have recently joined a program of the Community of Madrid in Spain for the stable recruitment of young people.

Recruitment program

The program, called “Boosting the Stable Hiring of Young People for the Economic Recovery” and sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Employment of the Community of Madrid, in Spain, has as its main objective to improve employability and favor the hiring of young people in this region, by establishing incentives for hiring as an employee.

At Getronics, we are continuously looking for people with analytical spirit, self-confidence and who want to develop their leadership skills at an early stage of their career.

Why join Getronics?

  • Great opportunities to learn, apply skill sets and unleash curiosity
  • Gain a rare, behind-the-scenes insight into how a global industry leader operates
  • An industry-leading, award-winning training/development program
  • Interact, learn from and present to senior leaders
  • Varying in length from 3 months to 6 months, providing opportunities to build a cross-functional professional network
  • Discover how innovation is Getronics’s key to success by working on business-critical assignments
  • A mentor and buddy will be available to guide and support interns on their projects