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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing enables highly effective, cost-saving and carbon-reducing business communication. Getronics offers its customers powerful video conferencing products and services, providing tailor-made visual communication solutions to customers worldwide, across a wide variety of industries.

Visual communications, or video conferencing, is about getting closer, more focused, and more effective.
It is also about reducing costs, travel and environmental impact. In short, it is about better business
and a better world.

High-speed infrastructures, advanced technologies and new service models have made visual communications accessible to companies of any size and type. The benefits are obvious. Video meetings reduce time-consuming commuting and expensive business trips, which saves costs. They also allow employees to plan their working days more efficiently and help them strike a better work/life balance.

With visual communications it’s easy to set up virtual teams and let the members meet and collaborate anytime and anywhere , at the head office, in the field, at overseas branches, or at home. Since the people and information you need are there for all to see, this enables better and faster decision making and will help improve internal communications.

Less travel also results in lower carbon emissions, which will help you build a greener company image
and a greener environment.

Getronics provides flexible, integrated and cost-effective converged visual communication solutions
and can assist customers in successfully implementing visual communication in their organisation.

Getronics can add value in the preparatory phase (Consultancy, Video Ready Scan) as well as throughout the implementation phase itself (Detailed Video Design, Project Management and Usage & Adoption).
We can help you embed the numerous advantages of visual communication in your daily operation.

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