Green Agenda

Sustainability is a top priority at Getronics and we actively work to ensure our CO2 emissions are minimised and that sustainability remains high on the agenda. As well as taking several measures to reduce energy consumption, we have also drawn up a code of conduct for our suppliers so that we can be sure that they too consider the environment.

Here are some the ways in which Getronics work to ensure sustainability across its business

The New Way of Working – This principle by which Getronics operates represents what our service is about. Through our ICT solutions, we offer customers flexibility, independent of time and place.
Efficient Data Centres – Our Data Centres partially operate on energy sourced from renewables, reducing our CO2 emissions.
Flexible Working – Flexibility is key to the New Way of Working Getronics promotes. Remote working is encouraged along with video and tele-conferencing, cutting down on travel between offices.
Environmental Management – Getronics maintains an Environmental Management System in the UK in support of its registration to ISO 14001:2004 (BSI certificate EMS 591711 for its Reading, Rushden, and Runcorn locations), with processes for managing legal and other environmental requirements.
European Data Centre Code of Conduct – Getronics UK has Participant Status in the European Data Centre Code of Conduct, which aims to inform and stimulate Data Centre operators and owners to reduce energy consumption and abide by a set of agreed obligations.
Energy usage monitoring and management – Getronics have installed an energy monitoring and management system that uses the network as the arbitrator for energy management, giving IT and facilities visibility of energy and CO2 emissions across the estate. Policies can be put in place to control energy usage across IT systems while also reporting on energy usage and CO2 emission performances.

  • Measuring and reporting on carbon emissions
  • Target CO2 and energy usage across an organisation
  • Identify alternative and effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions and energy savings
  • Assist with lean and agile IT and meeting set key performance indicators

These are just a few of the ways in which Getronics can help reduce energy emissions and meet targets. For further information on how we can help your organisation, please contact us today.

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