OVUM Whitepaper – The GWA: Offering an International Outlook with a Local Touch

Products, services, and rewarding customer experiences are designed, delivered, and managed by employees, so businesses and institutions must do all they can to spark creativity and facilitate productivity in the workplace, wherever that might be and on whatever device is at hand. Using Ovum’s A Digital Workspace Manifesto as a guide, this report examines the approach and offerings of the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA).

Key Messages

  • Promoting productivity, collaboration, and business innovation by looking beyond reductions in downtime to ensure optimization of “worktime.”
  • Accommodating an expanding range of digital workstyles by developing independence in terms of employee location and device usage to enhance the digital workspace.
  • Scaling across enterprise dimensions – identities, devices, applications, and data – by thinking global and acting local.
  • Enhancing the employee workplace experience by committing to a proactive, predictive, and preemptive user-centric service model.
  • What it means to be flexible, adaptable, mobile, and agile by reducing the friction that is often associated with IT support and business technology change.
  • Preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate data by conducting regular audits and implementing formal information security management systems.
  • Addressing industry compliance and regulation mandates by establishing a clear understanding of governance, risk, and compliance requirements.
  • Implementing, supporting, and maintaining the digital workspace by sharing knowledge and know-how to promote best practice and stimulate service innovation