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Today’s employees have more demanding expectations when it comes to technical support. Outside of work, they enjoy friendly, customised, rapid assistance for their personal technology needs. When they have trouble with their laptop, smartphone or tablet at work, they want to have a similarly positive experience. Is your IT organisation up to the task?

Getronics-GWA Solution Café® supplements your traditional service desk by providing enhanced on-site support, with access to effective technical assistance for both company-owned and personal devices, when and wherever it’s needed.

It’s the type of support experience that aligns IT more closely with the business while boosting employee productivity and engagement.

Solution Café ®  is a registered trademark of CompuCom Systems, Inc.


  • Best-in-class support model – Getronics Solution Café is based on the learned experience from strategic partner, CompuCom, a pioneer in the design, implementation and management of walk-up service centres who has worked in this capacity across different industries, including retail, healthcare and financial services, among others.
  • Global capability – Getronics has the ability to design, implement and run your Solution Café in any location across the world. From America to Europe and to Asia Pacific, we are already delivering satisfaction and enhanced productivity to our customers’ users.
  • On-site services at the core of our strategy- Getronics is one of the few service providers that considers on-site services an integral part of their end-user support strategy, and we continue to invest and innovate in this area in order to consistently improve user experience.
  • Integrated managed services – Solution Café can provide additional benefits when integrated to the rest of Getronics’ workspace portfolio. Proactive remote support and global on-site capabilities will ensure a productive and satisfied workforce anywhere and anytime.


Getronics also offers full IP Contact Centre Solutions, giving organisations the flexibility to use remote authorised agents to improve responsiveness.

Organisations can integrate UC services with additional Getronics workspace services, which can either be hosted by Getronics, use a hybrid or CloudPBX model or the company’s own resources.


      • Increased productivity thanks to the availability of capable staff when and wherever it’s needed
      • Flexible model to the different user needs, with on-demand or walk-in support for any type of device
      • Increased employee engagement and user satisfaction as it offers a new support choice to the end-user
      • Improves the image of your IT department with a more personal, effective and consumer-like IT service


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