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Passive reactive IT support is out of date. Consumerisation and generational change is driving higher user experience expectations and CIOs wish to switch investment from backwards-looking reporting to forward-looking predictive analytics.

Proactive Support services from Getronics turns the traditional support model on its head. A modern data-driven and analytics-led proactive support model enables empowered and active client care:

  • Proactive as it controls situations instead of reacting to events
  • Predictive through identification of trends and warnings which are associated with potential incidents
  • Pre-emptive by taking targeted corrective action before incidents occur
  • This shifts focus to maximising productivity and satisfaction with IT by eliminating crashes, hangs and performance issues in the IT estate.



  • Established analytics team, who have presented at numerous leading analytics events
  • Benefit from years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Proven track record in content development for Portal, Finder and ServiceNow
  • Full managed service that is fully integrated with service desk, problem management and other process areas
  • Proven ServiceNow integration for CMDB, incident management and proactive support
  • Expert analysis – receive an end user compute audit covering over 30 distinct areas



  • Transform the service desk from passive reactive support to outbound client care with analytics-enabled insight
  • Boost productivity and satisfaction with IT by eliminating errors permanently using a fix once, fix all methodology
  • Leave no user behind as analytics identifies every affected and exposed user
  • Prioritise support efforts based on actual impact and risk from machine data
  • Drive down inbound support volumes and eliminate unnecessary and costly rebuilds and replacement through surgical fixes
  • Leave the users with a WOW! impression of support



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