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consulting-techOur Workspace as a Service solution is centred on a cloud model. It provides immediate web access to all core enterprise workspace services via a secure portal. This workspace model is one click away for employees choosing to work using their own devices, and is ideal whenever a basic service set needs to be scaled up rapidly and securely. Pricing is predictable and transparent, allowing individuals and user groups to add functions and select support options as desired.

Customers with a more complex application landscape or a need for more customisation or better support for diversity will need a more flexible solution. Our customers can still benefit from a certain degree of standardisation and industrialisation and experience a quick start by choosing our modular workspace solution made up of standard building blocks and an architecture blueprint based on Getronics and partner best practices. On premise, hosted, cloud and hybrid deployment models are taken into account in the architecture.

As an experienced managed service provider, we are experts in managing an existing custom workspace environment, optimising costs and raising end user satisfaction by transitioning to our standard tools and processes without immediately imposing our standards and big transformation projects. We manage the as-is environment and work on long-term innovation and improvement programs together with our client.

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