Data Protection and Synchronisation

61% of organisations have experienced data loss or unplanned downtime in the last 12 months.*

Making data available across multiple devices with diverse operating systems remains a challenge for many organisations; for the majority of businesses, users are highly mobile, using a range of devices and making their own decisions on where to store data. This is often in unencrypted, non-secure cloud solutions that put company data and information at risk.

As part of our Getronics Next Generation Workspace Services, we offer a solution that allows individual users to access, restore, and synchronise their data no matter where they interact with that data or on which device.

IT departments that offer workspace services often provide a backup solution that’s accessible only via IT, providing none of the synchronisation and cross-platform data availability services so critical to today’s workforce.

To meet this challenge, Getronics has integrated an online mozydata protection and synchronisation solution that’s focused on the end user’s Workspace. We work with IT partners such as Mozy by EMC to deliver these services.

Business Benefits

The benefits of Getronics’ approach to Next Generation Data Protection and Synchronisation services are obvious and compelling:

  • Synchronise and securely access selected files across devices. Files are updated in real time between the end users’ various devices
  • Upload email attachments and documents into a sync folder whilst on the move, using mobile devices
  • End user, self-service centric approach that’s truly Next Generation IT provisioning
  • Reduce the loss of productivity by as much as 5%
  • Greatly reduces the risk of litigation or negative impact on reputation following the loss of any device or files, particularly at executive level (CFO, CEO etc.)
  • Self-service reduces IT management costs because users can manage it themselves
  • No infrastructure cost. By eliminating capex and minimising management, storage costs are reduced
  • Enables user productivity anywhere on any device
  • Greatly improves customer satisfaction levels

Getronics Proposition

Getronics Next Generation Services is much more than just a backup solution; it provides the ability for users to securely access files from anywhere, on any iOS, Android or Windows based device whilst their data is protected in a business-approved environment.

End users, once enrolled, can control the intervals at which their data is protected. Initial set up is light touch, avoids capital expenditure for hardware, and is charged on a per-user, per-month basis.

*Based on organisations with over 250 employees, EMC Trust In IT Report

A quarter of businesses have seen a decline in productivity as a result of data loss in the last 12 months*

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