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Is your investment digitally ready?

This last decade has seen nearly half a million mergers and acquisitions globally, an average of 45,000 a year. The market is booming and competition is intensifying.

Rising cash reserves and new investment models are making PE firms among the most impactful players in the Investment market, and Technology, a main source for value creation and guaranteeing returns. Investment Services Group brings these two together.

Introducing Investment Services Group (ISG)

ISG is a unique partner for Private Equity (PE) businesses with a proven track record across sectors of securing value in the most complex change environments.

Powered by Getronics, ISG provides PE and Investment Fund Managed firms a suite of digital assessment, transformation and management end- to-end services to evaluate, analyze and unlock the worth and value of investments from initial due diligence to final exit.

We help you de-risk where and when it matters the most.

What we do: High Value. High Skills. End to End.

We provide digital transformation services from pre-sale due diligence through to final exit, combining fast paced digital enablement with world leading excellence in business transformation.

The outcome is a scalable business that is more strategically positioned; flexible to be market adaptive and customer intimate – allowing reinvestment in areas of growth and innovation for our clients.

ISG Engagement Model

The five areas of domain expertise

Why Investment Services Group?

  • Pace: a proven series of rapid integrated activities which address all aspects of business change from strategy formulation to post-implementation review at pace.
  • Size: Large enough to deliver global solutions yet retaining our entrepreneurial mindset means agility, customisation and scalability.
  • Value-based: Focus on delivering tangible and quantifiable business benefits.
  • Powered by Getronics: a leader in business transformation with a proven track record of creating value through M&A.


Who we bring to the market?

Deborah Exell | MD Investment Services Group, Getronics Board Director Global Business Transformation & Human Capital

Deborah Exell, one of Europe’s top organisational transformation practitioners, joined the executive team of global ICT integrator Getronics in 2018 as Global Head of Human Capital & Change. With over 25 years of organisation strategy and development with global businesses, Deborah specialises in helping shape and delivery strategy with particular emphasis on organisational alignment. Throughout Deborah’s career she has worked for and with some of the world’s best known businesses, from American Express, McKinsey, and The Coca-Cola Company to Fidelity and Deutsche Bank, developing cross-sector insights and partnering with highly experienced executive teams on a range of complex business challenges.

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ISG offices are located to provide 24/7 advisory in the financial capitals – New York, London, Singapore and Sao Paulo.
Contact us today to learn how we can help you future proof your investment by embedding digital innovation and transformation to your business.