Business & Industry Solutions

Getronics has extensive experience developing business-specific applications in a number of industry verticals, including:

  • Airports
    We support more than 60 airports in 3 different countries, and have developed aviation applications in areas such as:

    • Airport Operational Database
    • Resource Management System
    • Flight Information Display System
    • Implementation and deployment of Airport Collaborative Decision Maker
    • Slots Management
    • Management fee Skyway
    • Customer facing mobile Apps
    • Business Intelligence Platform
    • Bespoke development in nearly any technology
  • Manufacturing
    We have developed and maintained Manufacturing Execution Systems for several companies in Europe. Our specific experience in Glass Companies’ MES gives us a preferential position in this domain.
  • Health and Social Services
    We have developed several solutions for hospitals and health and social services in Spain and Australia. This gives us a deep knowledge to develop and support industry specific solutions in this domain.
  • Banking
    We provide services to large players in banking and finance industry all over the world. We support core banking applications, but we also provide quality assurance services, online banking development, mobile banking and help banks improve their services and user experience.


We offer custom and proprietary software solutions designed to make the most of your retail business, and bring convenience and security to your customer transactions. This includes:

  • Custom Application Development such as our NextVision Suite with the latest in handheld computing technologies
  • Proprietary Retail Software across operating systems such as 4690, Linux, and Microsoft, helping you integrate popular retail solutions such as loyalty programs, gift-card processing, electronic funds transfers, and wireless device transactions
  • NextGateway™ to provide a common entry point to your store and enterprise data, enabling seamless connectivity between retail applications, associate devices, and your important business information
  • Point-of-Sale Services by Enactor, deliver an integrated solution for point-of-sale, omni-channel selling and unified commerce
  • NextPOSition™ turns any part of your store into the Point-of-Sale, allowing customer assistance on the sales floor, speedy checkouts, and credit card processing anywhere in the store
  • NextCollection™ increases managers’ visibility on the sales floor, delivering real-time information updates and streamlining management tasks
  • NextManager™ provides store managers with real-time access to operational data allowing them to complete more tasks while monitoring the sales floor
Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement

We’ll develop applications to enable your digital transformation in the form of mobile apps, web applications, collaborative platforms and more.
Smart Platforms

Smart Platforms

Technology platforms that combine and integrate digital elements, processes and applications to meet specific needs.
 Business & Industry Solutions

Business & Industry Solutions

We offer business applications to run your company, and solutions that focus on needs and requirements that are unique to a business or an industry.
Applications Management Services

Applications Management Services

A service approach where we take care of everyday management and availability of your applications.

Improve the experience

Digital transformation is more than just creating a digital process.

It’s about understanding the why, how and when of activities and acting upon improvement opportunities.

From framework to solution

Frameworks that are built upon our experience and knowledge within your industry enable us to quickly and efficiently create solutions that suit your business.