What do people experience when they interact with your business? Most interactions today are through your applications on mobiles, tablets or desktop computer screens. For your prospects, customers, patients, employees, vendors, partners or other users, a positive experience with an application builds loyalty, enhances your company’s reputation and makes your employees happier and more productive.

At Getronics, we specialize in applications that transform the relationships among people, services, systems and the business, incorporating the latest advancements in smart technologies. Our applications enable what we call the Smart Xperience, and that’s our objective – to help you improve different aspects of your business, keeping the focus on the people who use your applications and enabling an efficient, enjoyable Smart Xperience for everyone.

The Smart Xperience is also about saving costs, through new efficiencies and streamlined processes. We offer a wide range of applications solutions aligned closely with your business needs, including industry-specific applications, business applications, plug-and-play options and more.

Improve the experience

Digital transformation is more than just creating a digital process.

It’s about understanding the why, how and when of activities and acting upon improvement opportunities.

From framework to solution

Frameworks that are built upon our experience and knowledge within your industry enable us to quickly and efficiently create solutions that suit your business.