With IT developing at an unprecedented rate, we are constantly seeing newer, faster and more flexible ways of working and sharing information. Therefore businesses have become increasingly dependent upon IT for their success.

However, with this dependency comes a heightened threat to business security. Viruses, hacking, denial-of service attacks, online fraud and identity theft means that organised cyber-crime is mounting quickly, while the growth of ‘malware’ such as spam, adware, spyware, and worms continues to drain system resources and allows leakage of sensitive information.

It’s no surprise that security has become one of the highest concerns for the CIO and is now a board-room issue in many organisations.

Getronics is fully aware of this situation, and we actively manage a business assurance programme that strives to follow industry best practice. This is testified by our internationally recognised certifications for service delivery (ISO 20000), security management (ISO 27001), quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

Beyond this, Getronics has a great track record in delivering a range of security services to our customers. Please expand each section below to see a full description:

Perimeter Security:

The New World of Work, through adapting cloud applications, mobile device usage and certainly BYOD, has blurred the conventional perimeter defence and forces organisations to rethink how they deliver access anywhere, anytime in a secure way. Through managing next generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, botnet detection and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection systems we make sure your sensitive data remains safe, and that your organisation is compliant with the relevant regulatory requirement and policies. This is backed up by penetration testing capabilities to map out improvements and then test the impact of any changes made.

Endpoint Security:

A fully managed and monitored service to ensure all of the endpoints connecting to the customer’s infrastructure are configured for security with patch management, anti-virus and mobile device security included. Solutions such as network access control are included to ensure a holistic approach to security across the landscape.

Application Security:

We ensure strong security for the critical applications your business relies on through the performing of rigorous application-level security verifications using standards such as OWASP ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard). Effective security strategies have to include the wide range of applications now being developed and delivered across the endpoints of the organisation. Application security needs to be built-in from the beginning of the application lifecycle instead of being bolted-on later, regardless of the technology stack being used.

Security Architecture:

Getronics security consultants are available to design a security architecture that is tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers, while being based on best practice design principals. Best of breed technologies ensure the flexibility to cope with constant changes in your environment, the threat landscape and the evolution of protective technologies accordingly. Architectures built from fully understood standard building blocks remove integration issues ensuring a cohesive security framework.

Security Assessments:

Getronics consultants can perform different types of security assessments such as penetration tests, risk and threat assessments, and 360 degree architecture reviews. These result in the identification of vulnerabilities in the security strategy and technical environment. These services bring you the added value of gaining a deeper understanding of the risks your organisation faces, complemented with risk mitigation advice on operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Security Management Advisory Services:

Getronics can provide a holistic security management service both as part of the Universal Workspace concept or as a standalone service designed to ensure your organisation is protected from threats, enabling you to concentrate on driving innovation and growth.

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