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The majority of organisations don’t move everything to the cloud straight away. They identify a project to experiment with and trial a cloud-based service model on first before transitioning additional IT systems off-premise.

39% of organisations begin their journey to the cloud by creating an IT infrastructure transformation initiative. This will usually re-architect their infrastructure services for cloud computing initiatives including implementing service catalogues or establishing reference architectures.

The most strategic entry point to cloud computing also brings the most business value. 10% of organisations go the route of having a business-driven initiative to increase agility and responsiveness to market changes. These types of initiatives affect almost all levels and processes within an organisation and come with a high level of executive involvement.

At Getronics, we guide customers whichever route they choose.


Getronics is able to recommend the best cloud solution for you, based on your wider IT and security requirements and where you are at on your digital journey. We develop tailored and vendor agnostic solutions, giving you the flexibility to scale effectively as your business grows.

Flexibility. Deciding on a cloud strategy is based on numerous factors including scalability, user behaviours, cost effectiveness and compliance. For over 20 years, Getronics has worked closely with customers to select the right components for their cloud strategies – whether that be a public, private or hybrid model across IaaS and WaaS.

Global scale. Data sovereignty and workload continue to be front of mind for customers. Getronics has Data Centres in twelve locations across Europe, connected by our high speed network. This gives customers peace of mind that workloads are secure and can be shifted as needed. We offer full managed cloud disaster recovery and workload replication spanning multiple Data Centres.

Our customers also benefit from the Global Workspace Alliance, a strategic alliance that combines the expertise, capabilities and reach of leading local IT providers across the world.

End-to-end technology portfolio. Getronics offers a complete portfolio of integrated IT services. We’re backed by our technology partners and by the industry’s cloud leaders, meaning we provide customers with deep technical expertise as well as tailored consultancy.

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  • Business transformation: adapt and flex quickly to evolving business needs – ability to add or reduce capacity on demand.
  • Risk management: we ensure data location, seamless recovery from any infrastructure failures and employ a platform availability SLA of 99.9% per month.
  • Cost control: defined costs, either on fixed or pay as you go models. There are no capital set up costs and we remove the capital cost rigidity from IT.
  • Business agility: we can add new IT services to customers and employees in minutes – helping businesses to transition or transform how they deliver services through IT quickly.


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