Digital Labs

Getronics Digital Labs is aimed to encourage our employees to be part of our company’s Digital Transformation by providing a creative, innovative and ‘start-up-like’ environment for colleagues to contribute their ideas, expertise and knowledge to develop products and solutions at a much faster rate than “business as usual”.

Data Analytics &
Smart Board

Develop comprehensive analytics capability & platform.

Augment decision-making process.

Gain insight into business and consumer behavior.

Proactively identify potential risks.

Improve operational efficiency.


Smart Office
enabled by IoT

Enhance employees’ and vistors’ experiences.

Optimize facilities and infrastructure.

Expand experience in end-to-end solutions.

Establish partner eco-systems.



Improve collaboration between employees and increase company awareness.

Bring more value to existing information.

Provide real-time info about company performance.

Facilitate communication between different regions.