Airports are designed to make connecting easy. From city to city, or country to country, we pass through airport gateways, connecting with new possibilities and opportunities. What powers our journeys are the complex technology systems in place at airports around the globe, seamlessly managing the movement of passengers, airplanes, cargo and luggage, employees, supplies, and much more.

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve developed and managed applications for running entire airports, and provided end-to-end managed services to ensure things run smoothly and in line with aviation regulations. From our Smart Hub mobile solution for travelers, which manages each step in the airport process on mobile devices (check-in, wayfinding, baggage claim, etc.), to infrastructure and managed services solutions, we support airports of all sizes and scope.

We understand that the success of your airport is judged on the experience you provide to passengers, employees, and partners. We know how to find efficiencies, improve your processes and ensure availability for your systems. How can we help you?


Unipart Automotive

Unipart Automotive is the UK’s largest independent supplier of car parts and workshop consumables stocking over 1.8 million vehicle parts for all car makes and models.


Unipart Automotive has a UK nationwide network of 200 branches trading under the Unipart Automotive, Partco Autoparts, and Express Factors brands.


From brake discs, brake pads and clutches to car engine oils, car bulbs, oil filters, fuel filters, windscreen wipers and car batteries, Unipart Automotive supplies automotive products for all car makes and models.


In 2011, H2 Equity Partners took a major stake in Unipart Automotive as part of a major turnaround strategy for the company. Unipart required a fresh IT strategy that would deliver a flexible, future-proof platform for growth, while driving business efficiencies, including a 20 percent target reduction in annual IT spend.

“We value Getronics’ strong focus on the user experience. That includes our staff, patients and even the family of these patients. This is key as it’s also a priority for us.“

Dominic Ruscillo
CIO, Unipart Automotive