From documenting the smallest details of bedside patient care, all the way to big data analytics, technology is transforming the way that healthcare is managed and delivered. Whether you work in a public or private healthcare environment, the pressure is on to streamline care processes and maximize the insights from data.

In the more than 20 years that we’ve worked with hospitals, healthcare administrators and governments, we’ve developed a wide range of tailored solutions, including electronic patient record systems, large-scale health care programs, and data management and analysis programs. Large or small, the goal for these projects has been the same: to improve the experience of the patient. Through technology, we’ve helped our clients to reduce wait times, save on costs and discover new and improved treatment options, along with other benefits.

What can we help you to achieve? Getronics’ experts can explore ways to help you become more efficient, and improve the care you provide to patients in your healthcare setting.


Sfere is a comprehensive management software that uses electronic medical records and  fully covers all of the main business processes involved in the provision of healthcare.







“Getronics, has helped us on our way to digital transformation through the updating of an old telecommunications infrastructure, turning this into a convergent IT solution and generally improving our key procedures. The most important of these is the availability of Getronics to suit our requirements and needs”. – Elisabet Izquierdo, Infrastructures and General Services Director


A large health-park located on the Barcelona coast, the center is comprised of over 10 different buildings with varying specialties and functions.


The Barcelona PSMar offers an extensive and complete range of public healthcare services, including teaching and research facilities.


To better integrate and streamline the communications and processes across the different buildings and centers, improve medical and security procedures, optimize resources and maximize their use.

“We value Getronics’ strong focus on the user experience. That includes our staff, patients and even the families of these patients. This is key, as it’s also a priority for us.”

Elisabet Izquierdo
Infrastructures and General Services Director