ICT Building Infrastructures

ICT Building Infrastructures

Expectations for the environments in which we come together to work have changed dramatically in recent years. Whether you are responsible for the design and commissioning of new buildings; for the modernisation and renewal of existing properties; or for their day-to-day management, you are witnessing fundamental shifts in demand and practice regarding business real estate.

The Getronics Building Infrastructure Solutions team is ready to help you meet these challenges and opportunities head-on – ready to help you create and sustain in a connected and efficient workspace infrastructure that will serve your evolving needs long into the future.

Infrastructure fit for The New World of Work

Getronics has a clear vision for the New World of Work. Above all, it’s connected, collaborative and agile. The quality and vision of the building infrastructure must contribute directly to the comfort and productivity of your workforce. It must also be designed to support continual future change without frequent and costly re-engineering: what you put in place today, must be future-ready.

Meet the Team

The Getronics Building Infrastructure Solutions team has been in business for more than 25 years, and in that time has evolved continually in line with the changing business, technology and property management developments in this highly specialised field.

The team has five tiers of focus:

  • Cabling, Universal Connectivity Grid Projects
  • Occupancy Based Buildings
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions
  • Managed Building Solutions
  • In-Building Wireless – DAS – Projects

Innovate and Partner

Innovation and partnership are characteristics of everything Getronics does. This ability to partner to the best advantage of our clients is an essential quality of our highly-regarded Building Infrastructure Solutions. Using our extensive experience in complex project management, we take full responsibility for the extended teams of specialist sub-contractors needed on these broad scope infrastructure solutions.


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