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Getronics is one of the few global workspace management providers that embraces Field Services as an integral component of the total end user service experience.

Along with expanding service automation capabilities, Getronics continues to innovate and invest in engineer skills and tooling for end user support. Together with our Global Workspace Alliance (GWA), we deliver on-site support in over 100 countries around the world, managed by our global governance organisation to ensure quality and consistency across regions.

Field Services can be tailored to suit specific customer requirements, including smart logistics to drive cost and operational efficiencies, regular scheduled (half) day support visits, VIP and home support.


Getronics’ Field Services are delivered globally with a local touch and are designed to help our customers’ end users get up and running in the shortest possible time when their productivity issue needs to be solved on-site.

Standard Field Services:

  • Local Resident Engineers – handle all end user support activities on Campus locations
  • Global Break/Fix Swap Support – enables customers to leverage Field Services with warranty repairs. Our partnerships with Tier 1 hardware vendors ensures a smooth warranty repair process
  • Global Deskside Support – provides on-site software assistance
  • Global IMACD Services – provides single and multiple Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes and Disposals
  • Walk-up Centers – allows users to access on-site support, technical advice and product testing at their own premises
  • Global Project Management Organisation – manages local, regional and global projects such as hardware refreshes, application roll-outs, new office and store installations.


Remote Field Services Support:

Our proactive, predictive and preemptive services provide real time, big data based analytics that enable Getronics to prevent incidents and to largely decrease Field Services requirements.

Our Remote Management monitors infrastructure capacity, circuits and applications availability. Our system collects and records information, helping Getronics to diagnose the health of IT systems and pinpoint specific areas of restriction of failure.

Our centralised Asset Management team can take on procurement activities, asset management and centralised disposals.


  • Qualified field service engineers in 100+ countries
  • Global reach with cultural awareness and local understanding
  • Shift-left and proactive approach helps customer decrease on-site interventions and maximise productivity



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