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From pure colocation, a full managed service, to building a private or hybrid cloud, Getronics caters for all your infrastructure needs.

Managed Cloud Services: If you’re considering a move to the cloud or changing cloud providers, we offer a full suite of cloud orchestration services including Infrastructure, Workspace and Disaster Recovery as a Service (IaaS, WaaS and DRaaS respectively) as part of our portfolio. Getronics IaaS and WaaS are priced on a pay-per-use basis, providing clear and transparent usage and billing. Read more about our Managed Cloud Services.

Managed Data Centre Services: Ranging from hosting with technical assistance, data centre migrations, through to on-demand hosting and fully managed services. There are optional services available, including LAN connectivity and support, server virtualisation, remote hands and eyes, media management, off-site media storage, caged racks and network connectivity.

Colocation Services: With very competitively priced monthly costs, your equipment is housed in our data centres, saving you the cost of running your own facilities. Getronics provides secure floor space, power and cooling, as well as resilience.


Getronics can provision services out of 12 data centres across Europe and owns data centres in both the UK and Belgium, delivering Pan-European strength with global scale.

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

Getronics’ data centres are fully resilient, featuring high-density dual power supplies, independent tripping, automatic failover and generator back-up. In addition, high speed network connectivity provides capability to support Disaster Recovery across multiple data centre sites both on-shore and off-shore. In both the UK and Belgium our data centres adhere to the Basel Regulation prescribing a minimum distance between sites, ensuring added peace of mind for our customers.

Environmental Benefits

Our data centres are ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 certified and adhere to local ‘green’ power requirements. Our UK data centre is currently CRC exempt with no carbon taxes passed on to our customers.

Security & Protection

Our data centres are ISO 27001 accredited and are housed in anonymous buildings, which is important for many of our financial and security-conscious clients. They have 24 x 365 security presence and advanced internal and external CCTV technology, monitored full time.


  • Full spectrum of services offered, from simple colocation to private/hybrid Cloud
  • Cost savings through easily scalable services
  • Dedicated specialised teams managing your service, freeing up internal resources
  • Telco agnostic so you can choose preferred network provider
  • Ability to bundle services together, including from Getronics’ wider portfolio


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