Unified Communications With Microsoft Skype For Business

Businesses must find smarter ways of working. With increasing pressures to reduce costs, increase connectivity and improve collaboration within the Workplace, organisations face the challenge of enabling their employees to communicate anywhere, anytime and on any device. Of course communication forms the heart of any organisation – indeed so much of our time is spent communicating that improving the efficiency of how we communicate directly impacts our competitiveness. It means that finding a solution is business critical.

Unified Communication is moving up the agenda as a key enabler to achieving this goal of mobility. It is evolving the way we collaborate and those that engage flexible new technology such as Microsoft Skype for Business will harvest the greatest benefits overall.

Getronics’ engineered Microsoft Skype for Business solution provides a Unified Communications platform connecting people everywhere across any device. Microsoft Skype for Business provides a consistent, single unified client for anywhere-anytime communications, offering: HD video, instant messaging, voice, conferencing, application sharing and telephony.

Not only does MS Skype for Business provide greater collaboration but it also greatly increases the mobility and flexibility of your workforce. With Microsoft Skype for Business services providing an enterprise-ready Unified Communications platform, your organisation’s employees can connect on Windows, web browsers, desk phones and mobile devices.

Talk to Getronics today to see how your organisation could benefit from Getronics engineered MS Skype for Business Services.

Business Benefits

In an extensive Forrester study, researchers found that for a 5,000 user organisation, the ROI for Microsoft Skype for Business can be up to 337% with a payback period of only 12.4 months.

The Getronics approach to Unified Communications engages our wealth of experience with communications technologies, with our professional services team guiding customers through every step of the journey to maximise investment return, facilitate transition without disruption and assure user acceptance. This adds real value to the business with benefits including:

  • 5-30% savings on travel costs due to convenient audio, video, and web conferencing
  • 30-95% reduced audio conferencing service charges
  • 40-60% saving on costs of maintaining PBX systems, telephones and ISDN lines
  • 50-70% reduced PTSN calling charges because of VoIP
  • Real estate and facilities costs lowered by 15-30%
  • Resolve customer issues up to 50% faster
  • Shorten the sales cycle by up to 20%
  • Complete projects 10-20% faster

The Getronics Offer

Getronics offers an opportunity for businesses to experience Unified Communications with Microsoft Skype for Business and realise the benefits to be gained from adopting this across the corporate estate. This is achieved by deploying a demonstration Microsoft Skype for Business Unified Communication system within the business providing presence, instant messaging, peer-to-peer voice, and video conferencing services without disrupting existing communications.

This offer comprises:

  • Evaluation and Fluency Day
  • 30 Day Demonstrator
  • 2 Days Professional Services

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