Industry Specific Solutions


Our depth of experience in some sectors has given us time to develop or improve industry specific solutions in different domains:


Getronics supports more than 60 airports in 3 different countries. We can deliver solutions ranging from the critical Airport Operational Database (AODB) to the FIDS system or the customer App for the Airport.

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Getronics has developed and maintained Manufacturing Execution Systems for several companies in Europe. Its specific experience in Glass Companies’ MES gives us a preferential position in this domain.


Getronics has been supporting big retailers all over the world for many years. We have helped them to develop and maintain a lot of industry specific solutions. This know- how positions ourselves as great partners in the retail sector.

Health and Social Services

Getronics has developed from scratch several solutions for hospitals and health and social services in Spain and Australia. This gives us a deep knowledge to develop and support industry specific solutions in this domain.


Getronics has provided and provides currently several services to big players in banking and finance industry all over the world. We support core banking applications but we also provide quality assurance services, online banking development and mobile banking and we help banks to improve their services and user experience. We understand the banking business and we are more than able to deploy some specific solutions in this domain.

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