Applications Capability

Getronics has a significant Applications capability to offer to new and existing clients as well as other service available.

Our new Applications team is a group of passionate and highly experienced professionals, focused on the latest technologies and solution to support our clients in addressing their business needs, advising on the latest technologies and ways of working to deliver clients transformation strategies and provide a depth of experience to our clients to allow them to focus on the future.

Online Presence
Knowledge Management
Analytics & Big Data

Data Management
Support & Maintenance

Modernisation & Rationalisation
Business Applications

Business Consultancy
High End Applications
Application Services
Resource Augmentation

Smart Process Applications
Purchase to Pay
Order to Cash
Joiners, Movers, Leavers
Travellers Hub
Customers Hub

Airport and Travel
Health and Social Care


Our Portfolio contains the latest Digital services such as, Agile Transformation, Mobility, Online Customer Experience, SharePoint, Big Data Services and more…

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Standard Services

These services include Development services, Testing services, Application Support services and much more…

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Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions include great tools such as, Case Management and Human Resources Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Systems and SAP Services.

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Professional Services

Our Professionals provide various services including, Agile Transformation, Enterprise Architecture and Programme Management.

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Plug & Play Solutions

Our custom Plug & Play solutions include our own Business Hub, Traveller Hub, Knowledge Hub and our Joiners, Movers, Leavers (JML) solution.

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Industry Solutions

We provide many different solutions for various industries such as, Airports & Travel, Health & Social, Manufacturing, Retail and more…

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