SmartXperience: Let’s build a future together

Most buildings have some level of intelligence built in, whether HVAC, lighting, or fire safety. But today it’s possible to get more from building data, and, ultimately, make better decisions. Do you want to see how innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, Data & Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence create new business opportunities?

Getronics wants to explore the possibilities of these technologies and use them intelligently to enhance business performance and offer customers a unique user experience – or, as we like to call it, a ‘SmartXperience’. We have made the jump – let us help you make yours.

Getronics, jointly with Cisco & Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), has the pleasure to invite you to our SmartXperience session on Wednesday September 25.

Smart buildings are on the rise, but what defines a smart building – and how do you create one?

Get inspired during a visit at Signify’s Lighting Application Center. Discover the latest professional indoor lighting developments and see insights demonstrated live and in real-time. The impressive light show and the specially decorated theme rooms are what make the LAC center so unique.

Cisco will take you to an inspiring SmartMeeting that will change the way we work, collaborate and do business. And you will have the opportunity to discover Getronics’ SmartXperience solutions.

It’s all about experience: ‘seeing, feeling and experiencing.’ Dare to innovate and make the jump – register now!

Here are the details of the SmartXperience event, Wed., September 25:

Philips Lighting Innovation Labs
Eindhoven, Netherlands

10:30 AM to 17:00 PM


10:30 – Welcome coffee @ Philips LAC
11:00 – Getronics’ SmartXperience, let’s build a future together
12:30 – Lunch in one of the restaurants
14:00 – Guided tour by Signify Smart lightning
15:30 – Cisco to present & demo smart conferencing/smart meeting room Collaboration offering
16:30 – Closing, followed by drinks
17:00 – End