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From enabling the integration and management of your different systems in real-time, to supporting your digital transformation, we will help run your operations and IT like clockwork to drive efficiencies and deliver a unique passenger experience.

Why Digital Airport & Transport Solutions?

While 2020 was a disruptor for every business, it was the travel and airline industry that suffered the most. Nevertheless, it was also a catalyst for transformation.

Airports are now under pressure to find ways in which to reduce both IT expenditure and overall running costs. At the same time, they need to re-assure travellers both of their safety and comfort, to bring back their confidence, all while seeking to deliver a positive, even joyful, experience.

Getronics digital airport & transport solutions bring together an integrated portfolio that addresses operational and information technology needs from a single pane of glass. From managing critical, often “real-time”, infrastructures to delivering bespoke applications, managing applications, entire end user workplace, networks, hybrid cloud and security, we are helping transport businesses worldwide in their digital transformation with a focus on driving efficiencies, sustainability and to offer passengers a pleasant journey.


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What makes us unique?

We know you have plenty of choices in this market. Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to speak with us:

Increase visibility. Improve control. Maximise efficiencies. Automate “everything possible”.

Getronics’ unique ability to integrate technologies and systems – both new and legacy – into a single pane of glass is key for orchestrating the different parts of an airport or station: from lighting to HVAC, from security cameras to escalators. This allows the collection of critical data, in real-time and to improve operations delivering an exceptional airport & passenger experience.

Getronics has over 25 years of experience within the Airline industry, supporting some of the most important international hubs and airport operators worldwide. This only adds to our extensive experience in delivering and supporting IT infrastructures and our broad portfolio of secure-by-design solutions.

We understand the industry’s challenges and we will work to find the right solution that meets your requirements. Whether you are looking to drive operational efficiencies, become a more sustainable business, drive more passenger traffic to the retail and HORECA, or if it’s about improving your customer service, we’ve got this. It’s not about technology; it’s about results.

Getronics & Gatwick

Getronics is helping Gatwick improve the passenger experience for 34 million people a year at the busiest single-use runway airport in the world.

Smart Airports & Transport Hubs

Monitor passenger flows with smart use of technology across airports, ports and rail stations, using machine learning to identify behaviour patterns. By combining IoT and analytics, we enable transport managers to make better-informed decisions, increase revenues and enable passengers to make the best out of their journey.

Mobile Applications

Bespoke mobile apps allow passengers to receive real-time information and push notifications on their travel, as well as the additional services provided in an airport or station. Features include: flight information, indoor maps, parking and VIP lounge booking, discount alerts on shops and restaurants, etc.

Single Pane of Glass

GETspaces, Getronics integration hub, brings every system and machine in your airport environment into one single real-time control platform.

By utilising SCADAs and IoT sensors, we interconnect and monitor every component in your airport – from escalators to travelators, from security cameras to luggage belts, from your signage to the lighting and HVAC – enabling you to drive energy efficiencies, proactive maintenance and better airport & passenger flow.

Airport Services and IT Desk

Getronics end-to-end ICT portfolio will cover all your information technology needs: from cloud infrastructure for your business applications to digital workplace solutions for your front line workers. At the centre of everything, our global service centre will manage and support your IT remotely, offering help desk support and call centre solutions with a unique focus on customer satisfaction.

Networking Infrastructure & Passenger Wifi

Offer passengers and staff best-in-class connectivity to make the best out of their stay in your airport or station. At Getronics, we have the required field force to roll out, manage and support specialpurpose networks for your airport, leveraging our partner network to provide telecommunication services, PoS terminals, alarm systems, video systems and digital signage screens.

Increased airport efficiencies with real-time operations control

Ensuring a seamless experience for passengers at the various touchpoints, such as check-in, security, boarding and baggage claim, is critical to your airport.

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