Whitelane IT Outsourcing Study 2017 BeLux; Getronics confirms and scores high on customer satisfaction

Leading IT services integrator Getronics sees its last year’s strong results confirmed in the Whitelane IT Outsourcing Study 2017. The company proves that it knows market trends as well as its customers’ expectations and achieves a high customer satisfaction rate.

Brussels, 23 February 2017 – The results of the IT Outsourcing Study by Whitelane Research and Vlerick Business School were announced yesterday. They reveal a number of important trends in the business world. The study notes, among other things, that companies wish to outsource more. Their main motives: cost reduction and a stronger focus on their core business. In addition, they increasingly want to transform their business.

“The digital transformation in the workplace is a great and growing concern of many companies. Getronics anticipated these trends by renewing its portfolio in 2016,” says Daniel Minschart, CEO at Getronics BeLux.

The study confirms this, showing that Getronics has an excellent understanding of market expectations and is innovative. With its proactive and flexible approach, the company scores high on the services it provides to its customers. The customer satisfaction rate it has achieved in this survey – 13% of the customers of Getronics indicate that they are very satisfied and 73% describe themselves as satisfied – proves that Getronics has made the right decisions and will continue on the same track.

Getronics also confirms its good results in the other categories, and equals its general satisfaction score of last year (79%). The number 1 of the list with its 80% score, performed better by only 1 percentage point.

“We will continue to work hard in the same direction. Every day, our experts show that they understand the business, and we have a portfolio that responds to the market trends”, underlines Daniel Minschart. “We see that our chosen strategy is starting to bear fruit. Consequently, 2017 will be an ambitious year with a great many opportunities.”


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