Getronics signs contract with TNT Post for Cloud Workspaces

5th January 2011 – Getronics today announces that it has signed a five-year contract with TNT Post for delivering and managing cloud workspaces for 13,000 end-users.

Getronics will provide the TNT Post workspaces from its Workspace Online service. This service will offer 13,000 TNT Post employees in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom workspaces providing access to their applications and documents at any time from any place or computer.

The Workspace Online workspace can be commissioned immediately, is secure and is accessible online 24/7, as well as being flexible and future-ready. A major advantage of Workspace Online is that it is billed according to the actual utilised functionality per user as a cloud solution. Another advantage is that Workspace Online can be implemented quickly without major prior investment and maintenance costs for hardware and software. It also provides automatic updates and releases and also includes self-service options. TNT Post will thus always have the latest software versions available.

With Workspace Online, Getronics now serves many clients with very satisfied end‑users. For Getronics the TNT Post contract is also a major step in its strong growth and ambition in terms of workspace services from the cloud.

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