The GWA ranked 3rd in Global Managed and Maintained End-User Devices


Earlier this year the GWA commissioned independent research company Ovum, to rank the Leading Global Vendors in Workplace Management/Maintenance by volume. As a result, the Alliance appeared in 3rd position, with 7.4 million assets managed and maintained globally.


Ovum defines Managed Workplace as: “The monitoring, management and support of hardware and software for PCs, laptops, and mobile end-user devices including software installs, image management, administering user permissions, security, and patch management.” Ovum defines Maintained Workplace as: “Enterprise LAN-based PCs and laptops which are maintained through break-fix and deskside support agreements but are not actively managed as part of those agreements.”

After running field and desk research on 10 global IT players, Ovum presented the final list which positioned the Getronics Workspace Alliance in number 3 with 7.4 million managed and maintained assets in its portfolio, reflecting notable growth from the 6.1 million estimated in 2011.

Getronics Workspace Alliance:

Getronics Workspace Alliance is a global alliance providing customers access to an extensive global network of IT service providers.

The Alliance supplies consistent IT support for 7.4 million workspace assets around the world. The nine Alliance members — in 26 countries with a total of 35.500 employees, extended with 75 service partners in more than 90 countries— share common processes, methods and tools to deliver global IT services, providing direct benefit for international organisations, through consistent services delivered with a strong local presence, robust international governance and shared service innovation. The nine members are: Getronics, Spie, KPN, CompuCom, AGCN, NTT Data Getronics, ServiceOne, Getronics LATAM and Tecnocom. All members are recognised leaders in the European, American and Asian markets.

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