Parque Hospitales completely digitises their patient care process with a paperless solution

The Hospital Group is digitised by Getronics and Nemo Q. Iberian

– This complete digitisation solution is the result of integrating the SAAFE automatic billing platform, the OGS patient guidance system and the eTicket app.

– The patients will not carry out any administrative management in the Private Health Centre during the Health Care processes and will receive information in real time of each and every one of the medical acts carried out through the Mobile App and Ticket.

– The Parque Vegas Altas Hospital in Don Benito (Extremadura), was the first of the group to implement this complete digitisation solution that will be available in the rest of the group’s hospitals throughout the second half of 2019.

Madrid, 17 December 28, 2018 – Parque Hospitales reinforces their commitment to digital transformation, incorporating an innovative technological solution, the result of integrating the SAAFE billing platform with the Dynamic Patient Guidance System of Nemo Q. and the HIS (Hospital Information System) of Getronics, which will prevent the patient from having to carry out administrative procedures in his “Patient Journey”. In addition, patients can access through the eTicket App to updated information in real time of each medical act performed. The Vegas Altas Hospital in Don Benito (Extremadura) is the first of the four hospitals of the group to carry out this implantation.

Taking advantage of the entry into force of the RGPD or GDPR of the European Union that tacitly requires the implantation of Dynamic Guiding Systems of Patients that guarantee the confidentiality of their identity, “Parque Hospitales has wanted to go a step further in this regard implementing a complete technological solution with SAAFE as a platform for electronic invoicing that has been unassisted, integrated with the Getronics HIS, the OGS patient guidance system and the eTicket App. Getronics has played a very important role in the standardisation and improvement of circuits, as well as in the perfect integration of platforms, “says Alejandro Rey, General Director of Parque Hospitales.

With the collaboration of the main Health Insurance Companies, Nemo Q has managed to bring together more than 80% of the market in its SAAFE platform. So that any of your Clients can go through the self-service kiosk and just identify yourself in it, automatically invoices the query and / or medical act without having to go to the counter. The patient performs the “Check-In” in the self-service kiosk, prints a ticket associated with his appointment with the anonymous identification code by which he will be called for consultation.

If the patient also uses the eTicket App, they can perform the “Check-in” without using the Kiosk or the admission desk and the medical activity will be billed automatically. In addition, you will have control over your time as it informs you in real time of the patients you have in front of you and of the delays, telling you when to go to the waiting room. It has many other functions, including those specific for the disabled.

Once in consultation, all additional medical acts prescribed by the doctor in the HIS, are billed automatically, as well as all additional tests that are required, once again avoiding the patient passing the counter at the exit.

All the circuits are perfectly studied so that the patient does not have to wait to be attended to procedures that have nothing to do with the strictly medical.

The solution brings great benefits to the three parts involved: The patient, placing him in the nerve centre of the project, reducing the time spent in the Centre and exponentially increasing the Quality of Service. The Hospital, digitising, standardising and significantly improving patient care processes, reducing exploitation and conciliation costs. The insurers, digitising the billing processes with the Hospitals and Medical Centres, implementing the business rules in a very automatic way, and consequently reducing the costs of exploitation and conciliation.

It is expected that by June 2019 all the hospitals in the group will have this “paperless” solution.

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