Getronics makes its technology available to the Williams Syndrome Association

Getronics y Asociación Síndrome de Williams

The application developed by Getronics will manage the database with information from educators and association staff and store all the documentation digitally

Madrid, Spain – December 2019– Getronics, a global group of ICT services, has put its experience in development of application available to the Syndrome Association Williams and from now have an application developed by Getronics for management of the educators information and documentation among other functions. 

The application developed by the Getronics technology consists of three modules. A first module for the management of educators and staff of the association, in which all the relevant information of these people is stored based on their relationship with the association: and has the possibility digitally store all the documentation that its need. A second module for everyday signing of the time worked for all staff. In addition, the last module is for managing the user’s access to the application, with the possibility of profile them based on their roles in the association.

“Thanks to this app, we will be able to have the information of our educators and staff in a single server and in real time.” Comments Rosa Gonzalez, president of the Williams Syndrome Association.

Getronics has supported with its technology other solidarity projects such as Web Nortea for the association of Autistic children, the Food Bank of Biscay, Gambling, and Aviation Without Borders among others. “We support solidarity projects for years in an altruistic way; it is an initiative that employees like very much. The projects arrive through our employees or clients, and we are doing them as we can dedicate resources to them,” says Yolanda de Prado, Chief Operating Officer of Getronics. It is a model that has been so successful in Spain that the company will replicate it in other countries.

About Getronics:

Getronics is a global ICT integrator with a long history spanning more than 130 years. Our vision is to become on the reference partner in the transformation of companies with technology and exceptional people, with a unique approach focused on happy customers generate by happy employees. With approximately 7,000 employees in 23 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, the Transformation of Getronics portfolio offers a solid capacity and experience in Managed of Workspace, Applications, Specific Software Solutions for Industry, Managed Cloud, Unified Communications and Security to provide a comprehensive and proactive portfolio of solutions to the digital user – company or consumer, both in the public and in private sectors.

Getronics is a leading member of the Global Workspace Alliance, a unique model that offers to the customers consistent IT services in 185 countries, with a single point of contact and billing entity. GWA manages 10 million of workspace assets globally.