Getronics is on Malaysia radio BFM

Top Chief Information Officers today are concerned about enterprises’ directions towards the mobility workforce and the fast-moving dynamics of mobile Apps that open up the doors for opportunistic hackers.

Getronics’s Chief Executive Officer, Jason Flanagan and Chief Sales Officer, Mukul Jain in Asia Pacific & Japan were invited by the producer of the Tech Talk program of the Malaysia business radio station BFM 89.9, Mr Jeff Sandhu to share their insights around these concerns and the best route to adopt CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) recently.

During the talk, CSO Mukul Jain touches on the differences between CYOD and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and his take on which strategy to adopt. Mukul also discusses how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) could just be the solution for enterprises looking at costs savings and optimizing office space.

To determine if an enterprise is suitable to adopt any of the cloud technologies, CEO Jason Flanagan zooms into the softer side of things where he discusses about the suitability of the workforce and the culture.

The talk is available on BFM’s Podcast at