Sevenoaks is a local government district in Kent, England. The council serves a population of some 115,000 people in an area covering of 142 square miles. The main towns are Sevenoaks, Edenbridge, Swanley, Westerham and New Ash Green with 30 other village and hamlets. The main Council office is situated in the town of Sevenoaks with another office and depot in Sundridge.


Sevenoaks District Council provides services to a high standard to the local community. In 2009 the Audit Commission named Sevenoaks District Council as one of the four best-run and most efficient councils in the country.


Sevenoaks District Council was looking to transform the way their staff worked together. They sought a Unified Communications solution that would allow their workforce to work more flexibly, effectively and intelligently, whilst also looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency.