Esterline is a high-end manufacturing company mainly serving the aerospace and defense industries as well as some adjacent markets. It acquired Barco’s Defense and Aerospace division, and relies on Getronics to perform not only the carve-out of multiple applications, but also the setup of a new data centre.

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“This new data centre not only gives Esterline the possibility to store data in a secure manner, its scalability is also a major advantage.  We now profit from a state-of-the art facility.”

 Jan Bruggeman, Director ICT Esterline


Esterline originates from the U.S. but is active on a global scale, with offices and productions sites in the U.S., Europe – including Belgium –, China, India, Singapore, Israel, Morocco, etc. Its Belgian branch is located in Kortrijk.


The company’s core business can be summarized in three segments: Avionics & Controls, Sensors & Systems and Advanced Materials. All three intended for the commercial and military aviation industry, the defense sector and some related markets.


The biggest challenge posed by this carveout project was the implementation of a new infrastructure for the data centre. This had to be carried out in a challenging environment with limited space and a strict deadline. Besides, the data centre had to be scalable for the future.